The idea is simple: we all have more to offer than what's on the surface. Our song Layers is a tribute to how that plays out in relationships, and how when we take the time to learn what's beneath the exteriors of one another, we can grow closer together. 

So with this in mind, let's make a music video! 

Here's how it works: 

1. Film yourself (on any device, even a cell phone camera will work) shedding a superficial layer, but revealing a message about an emotional layer (read: unzip a hoodie to show a t-shirt with a message on it as on example).

It could be a secret you haven't told anyone, a hidden talent, or a guilty pleasure. Anything you're comfortable sharing! 

2. E-mail this video clip to maceballard[at] 

From there, we'll edit all of the clips together set to the song. 

Due date: Feb 25 (you have two weeks!)

What should you do after you submit a video clip? Order a record or a shirt of course. Or just re-listen to the album